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Gypsum Board Installation Tips

Gypsum Board Installation Tips are as follows:
• For partition 1. The screws used for installation should be 10 mm longer than the gypsum board. 2. The steel framing should have 5.5 mm thickness. 3. The vertical frames should be placed in the same direction. 4. The resistance can be affected if there are intersections. 5. If the room width is more than 15 m, expansion joint should be used in every 15 m distance to
prevent cracking. 6. A gap (around 10 mm) should be placed between the floor and the gypsum board. 7. The steel framings should be covered in plastics when installed in areas with high humidity like
kitchen, bathroom.
• For ceiling
1. If the gypsum board will be installed 15 m straight for ceiling, 10 mm gap should be placed between
every 15 m distance so that the expansion joint can be put and prevents cracking.
2. If you are using gypsum board for both partition and ceiling, install the ceiling first. If you want to
reduce the noise, install the partition first.
3. If you are installing with T-Bar ceiling installation method, arrange for sufficient air passage between
the roof and ceiling for long-term use of gypsum boards.
4. If you want to re-measure the installed ceilings, use the 2 m stick and place it on the installed ceiling.
The gap between the ceiling and the stick should not be more than 5 mm.